This week 2 J-core AMV which have been show to me by @DjKnuXCore + 2 other random ones I found


I’m back with one AMV and one MEP. This weeks theme is emotional & relaxing


Time for this weeks AMV MADness got 3 AMV’s this time


Time for some AMV’s got 2 fast action packed ones this week


What better way to start my new series then with a Animegraphy featuring 244 titles from 2012


Sadly today will be the last Daily AMV Madness. After 771 Days I  lately haven’t really felt like doing this so I will change my concept. Will be a weekly thing from now on because I can’t find the time during the week any more  So I want to thank everyone for the 2 years and […]


Today a One Piece AMV dramatic, action packed with some amazing editing