>44 Days of AMV // Day 6

>Today’s AMV is Multi Editor Project, or MEP for short. It’s one of the best I have seen (Best Multi-Editor Project Judges Choice Awards 2009), but the music couldn’t be for all peoples liking.

Members (17): Chiikaboom, *inverse*, -BL-, Aerialesque, Bakadeshi, Batto!, EvaFan, Ghet,Mamo!, Moonie, Neverend, Niwa, Pas, Radical_Yue, ScorpionP, Takefuji, ZetZu

Anime: too many to list xD ( Track and Anime listing on Download page)
Anyway, enjoy 20 Min. of Awesomeness

Higher quality version here: Link (non-streaming, requires login)


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