Daily AMV Madness // Day 282, 283, 284 & 285

Been some time but now I’m back with 4 Days worth of AMV’s MEP’s  with something for everyone ^^

First a AMV that breaks my rules but because it’s a Initial D AMV for a good 10min with Eurobeat I made a exception it’s also pretty good made featuring all the big race from forth stage.

  • Creator: cncfan
  • Anime: Initial D Fourth Stage
  • Music: Symbol – Forever Young, M.O.V.E – Dive into stream


No Downloadlink

Next up a new iteration of the long running AMV Minis series from the AMV Hell makers. Now already in Season 2 Oo

Enjoy the randomness


Next a MEP from Souls Team who never stop amazing with the creations send to be my @_IBR_ thanks for that.

Enjoy a lot


Next another AMV sent to me from twitter this time @DjKnuXCore thanks for sharing this with me. It’s a fun AMV with some great Editing, a unique choice of music (well for me xD) and a great list of used Anime.

  • Creator: CilkaMilka
  • Anime used too many to list
  • Music:  Scandal – Hi-Hi-Hi



And last but certainty not least  a nice short colourful  AMV

  • Creator: Metallilyn
  • Anime:  Wish Upon the Pleiades
  • Music: Destination Luna 4 – she


No Downloadlink found


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