Daily AMV Madness // Day 296 – 300

Sorry for the long delay PC died on me but I’m back  to celebrate the 300th Day of DailyAMVMadness. Only 21 Days and I have posted AMV’s for a year (44 Days of AMV) now.

First AMV is the winner of best Psychedelic and Horror from the “Big Contest 2010”

  • Creator: ThePooh
  • Anime: Aoi Bungaku
  • Music: Soap & Skin – Thanatos

No Downloadlink

Second AMV is another from the “Big Contest 2010” featuring ef-a Tale of memories.

  • Creator: ManoD
  • Anime: ef – a Tale of Memories
  • Music: Mayday Parade – Anywhere but here


Third a great Shonen AMV with One Piece and Fairy Tale (my favourite now Airing Shonen Anime)

  • Creator: Luciole&Okill
  • Anime: One Piece, Fairy Tale
  • Music: Yellowcard – Fighting

Downloadlink (Mediafire)

Forth a MEP some nice effects and editing with your typical Anime’s except for one ^^

  • Creator: Kissz, Death_K, sandalphoo, luffy_90m Andrifighter, hitsu
  • Anime: Durarara, One Piece, Bakemonogatari, FMA Brotherhood, Angel Beats!, Sanurai Champloo, (Tenis Anime)
  • Music: Sick Puppies – Survive

No Downloadlink

And last but certainly not last a tear jerker AMV ^^

  • Creator: ibarak
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: Trading Yesterday – Shattered


Bonus Extra: Ending of AnoHana remixed by TANUKI


Should I feature more of this kind of Music weekly or so?



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