Daily AMV Madness // Day 332 – 334

Today the Weekend Edition with a MEP, a Nostromo AMV and a special (short) Pokemon AMV as bonus

First up a MEP with some ridiculous editing. Haven’t watched something this good in a long time

  • Creator: doesn’t say >.<
  • Anime: ef, Sengoku Basara, Railgun, Kurokami, FMA Brotherhood, Sword and the Stranger, BRS
  • Music: Camo and Krooked – Global Warming , Skyline
Next is a serious dramatic AMV with Instrumental music with a epic final
  • Creator: Alexboy
  • Music: Kronos Quartet & Mogwai –  Death Is The Road To Awe, Finish it
  • Anime: Tekkonkinkreet (Movie)
Enjoy some more
No Downloadlink
And for the last AMV: A new Nostromo AMV, enough said it’s amazing like all his other works
  • Creator: Nostromo
  • Anime: Freedom
  • Music: Russ Chimes — Never Look Back (Midnight Club EP Part I)
Enjoy a lot
Bonus: A short Pokemon AMV showcasing that you can make everything look bad ass xD
  • Creator: 3sspTheNightmaster

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