Daily AMV Madness // Day 336-341

I’m back took a short holiday so here a 6 Days worth of AMV with something for everyone

Let’s kick off with a nice fast paced action AMV and some Prodigy.

  • Creators: Peggy666, Nekou
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Next AMV is also fast paced but in a other way … [SEIZURE WARNING!!]
  • Creator: Alkatraz
  • Anime: End of Evangelion
  • Music: Nightwish – End of all hope
And now for some nice Romance and Jpop in a wonderful Toradora AMV
  • Creator: niwatori
  • Anime: Toradora
  • Music: RADWIMPS – Saidai Kouyakusuu
Back to action with a MEP
  • Creators: diegao94, -Kyros-, Gabri, Karusman07, Leonhearth, nihilant01, riccardocasu
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: Pendulum – Antiform , Rewinder – Self vs Self (ft. In Flames)
Next AMV is something more Fun and colorful
  • Creator: tehninjaness
  • Anime: Atarashii Sekai , The Tatami Galaxy
  • Music: Holding Mercury – Stuck In A Box
And for the last AMV something special: Kintaro is back and he has learned German xD
  • Creator: Noss
  • Anime: Golden Boy
  • Music: SPN-X – Alle Mädchen

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