Daily AMV Madness // Day 400 – 404

Couldn’t find a AMV I liked for Day 400 and then Batman came and my Weekend was gone .. Anyway 4 Days worth of AMV enjoy

  • Creator: Funky-kun
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: U2 – Beautiful Day
  • Creator: 遠野
  • Anime: Mirai Nikki
  • Music: The Mischievous of Alice – Yousei Teikoku
No Downloadlink
  • Creator: Manitou
  • Anime: Kara no Kyoukai
  • Music: Within Temptation – The Howling
  • Creator: S.A. Robert
  • Anime: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
  • Music:  3OH! 3 – Touchin on My
  • Creator: Ileia
  • Anime: Kurozuka
  • Music: Dog Fashion Disco – The Darkest Days

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