Daily AMV Madness // Day 485 – Best AMV of 2011: Best Shonen AMV

Today a new category I thought of called Best Shonen AMV where the only Anime used are from Shonen Jump and the nominees are:

He smiled even at death

  • Creator: MindInChaos
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Music: 65daysofstatic – Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here



  • Creator: El.G
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Music: Machinae Supremacy – Overworld



  • Creator: Luciole
  • Anime: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
  • Music: Linkin Park – Figure.09


Will Power

  • Creator: Luciole
  • Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Music: There for tomorrow – The world calling



  • Creator: Yoken
  • Anime: Bleach
  • Music: Blue Stahli – Ultra Numb

No Downloadlink found

One Piece in 6 Minutes

  • Creator: DNubsPro
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Music: Pirates of the Carribean OST

No Downloadlink found

Don’t give up

  • Creator: MagicDarkLight
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Music: Zebrahead – Just the tip, Coldrain – We’re not alone


Voting will be hold at figure.fm post

Please note this AMV have to been posted by me in 2011 but not have to be made in 2011. There has been a pre selection before hand by me. If by chance you know of an AMV that fits into the category, applies to above roles and I have forgotten to mention. Please post it into the comments I will check it and then add to the nominees.







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