Daily AMV Madness // Day 499 – Best AMV of 2011:Best Edited AMV

Today’s category is the big one before tomorrows best Creator it’s: Best Edited AMV and the nominees are:

Heroes of Tomorrow

  • Creator: Sexyboy
  • Anime: Gurren Lagann, FMA, EVA, Code Geass, Macross, Heroic Age
  • Music: Blood Stain Child – Metoropolice


Enjoy my Game

  • Creator:  junnina
  • Anime:Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners
  • Music: Renascent – Absolutia, Sapphire (Redux)


MEP – Metalingus

  • Creators:  Shinzo, Aexis15, Paulo_Hunter, Scofield_NL, Sniper, XxPatxX
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: Alter Bridge – Metalingus


Environmental Secure

  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: David Orr – Meltdown, Nemesis Theory



  • Creator: BnJ
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: Emma Hewitt – Waiting


Project Bonklers

  • Creator: purplepolecat
  • Anime: Azumanga Daioh
  • Music: Blue Stahli – The Pure and the Tainted


TY Logica 2

  • Creator: Gidra
  • Anime: Maria Holic
  • Music: Cheese People – Ua-aa! (Gari remix)


Meteor Tower

  • Creator : ThePooh
  • Anime: Beyond the Clouds, 5 Centimeters per Second, Break Blade, Sky Crawler
  • Music: Phoenix – 1901 (Saycet Remix)



  • Creator: Deidara94
  • Anime: Durarara!!
  • Music: Thebandwithnoname – Misfit


Detroit Girlz City

  • Creator: Squall
  • Anime:  Detroit Metal City, K-ON!!
  • Music: Detroit Metal City – SATSUGAI


Dream Machine

  • Creator: killeragosta
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: OceanLabs – Satellite


III in I

  • Creator: impr3ssive
  • Anime: Freedom, Genius Party, Ghost In The Shell 2.0, Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence
  • Music: Crystal Castles – Crimewave, Swedish House Mafia – One, Daft Punk – Technologic


Globalis Excalfactorius

  • Creators: Niwatori9, nivekov123, Jazzsvids, ZaneAMV, kirin91s, jforce321, StrawberrykissStudio
  • Anime: ef, Sengoku Basara, Railgun, Kurokami, FMA , Sword and the Stranger, BRS
  • Music: Camo and Krooked — Global Warming , Skyline

No Downloadlink found


Voting will be hold at figure.fm post

Please note this AMV have to been posted by me in 2011 but not have to be made in 2011. There has been a pre selection before hand by me. If by chance you know of an AMV that fits into the category, applies to above roles and I have forgotten to mention. Please post it into the comments I will check it and then add to the nominees.



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