Daily AMV Madness // Day 639 – 643

I’m back with a nearly a week full of AMV got something for everyone’s taste

First AMV uses the Air Gear OVA from last year sadly it’s very short

  • Creator: iTheBoom
  • Anime: Air Gear OVA
  • Music: Adventure Club – Rise & Fall

No Downloadlink found

Second AMV is not an AMV but a work of art. It feels like one of those great Disney Films where the Music just perfectly fits to what you see

  • Creator: qwaqa w/ Minstrel
  • Anime: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Genius Party Beyound, Paprika
  • Music: James Newton Howard – Baby Monitor, James Newton Howard – Hand of Fate, Pt.I


Third AMV uses a very underused Anime last years No.6

  • Creator: Elerye
  • Anime: No. 6
  • Music: Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons – Hazy


Next AMV comes with a warning if you don’t like gore or blood don’t watch so enjoy a stellar Hellsing AMV sadly also on the shorter side

  • Creator: Whispersreloaded
  • Anime: Hellsing
  • Music: Distrubed – The Night

No Downloadlink found

Last AMV is a fun Slyers AMV we need more of these

  • Creator: VespaBee
  • Anime: Slayers
  • Music: Cats Don’t Dance Soundtrack-Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now


And as Bonus a very funny Dicks AMV using Cowboy Bebop

  • Creator: Hereticked
  • Anime: Cowboy Bebop
  • Music: The Dialogue of Bullestorm – Dick Killing




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