Daily AMV Madness // Day 687 – 690

Today 4 Days worth of AMV with something for everyone

Starting with this Mirai Nikki AMV capturing the insanity it even has the soundtrack bag on with Mariyln Manson

  • Creator: TheCacoVenom
  • Anime : Mirai Nikki
  • Song : Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People


Next AMV uses the exact song as the first AMV but it has a completely different vibe

  • Creator: Frachan
  • Anime: Bleach
  • Music: Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People


This is a nice Action AMV a rock soundtrack really is a good fit for Garden of Sinners

  • Creator: xDieguitoAMV
  • Anime: Garden of Sinners
  • Music: Switchfoot – Dark Horses


Last but certainly not least is this short AMV fast paced and some great editing

  • Creator: SunnyAMV&DynamixAMV
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: David Guetta  – Alphabeat

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