Daily AMV Madness // Day 700-705

I’m back after a short brake thanks to Gamescom and Sleeping Dogs with 6 Days worth of AMV’s

First a great fast paced High School of the Dead Action AMV with some nice build ups and effects

  • Creator: Luicole
  • Anime: High School of the Dead
  • Music: Voicans – Blaze


Second AMV is another Hunter x Hunter AMV by Chiikaboom featuring only Kurapica

  • Creator: Chiikaboom
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter
  • Music: Million Years – Nico Vega

No Downloadlink found

Next a short glitch edit AMV with Fate Stay Night

  • Creator: Hayden
  • Music: no idea
  • Anime: Fate Stay Night

No Downloadlink found

This AMV makes me want to watch Samurai 7 which has to be highest praise to any AMV Maker so job well done

  • Creator: Skydean
  • Anime: Samurai 7
  • Music: Sick Puppies – Anywhere but here


Last AMV is a powerful one using scenes of different Anime with numbers about the good and bad in life which makes you think

  • Creator: siny
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: Hans Zimmer – Time, Mumford And Sons – The Cave




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