Daily AMV Madness // Day 713 – 716

I’m back with 4 Days worth of AMV with my best offerings yet first AMV was shown to me by @Oninohanzo

The first AMV gives you the illusion of being one Anime but in reality using many different ones very skill full editing one of the best AMV made to date

  • Creators: Umika & ZEVS1993
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music:  Hurts – Devotion


Next AMV has a theme of Venom using Full Metal Alchemist with a fitting dark soundtrack

  • Creator: Dark Deaths Records
  • Anime: Shiki, Hunter x Hunter, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Music: Dark Age – Snake of June


And now for something completely different german electro hip hop in the best Ghost in the Shell AMV I have seen such a fitting track

  • Creator: Bauzi
  • Anime: Ghost in the Shell
  • Music: Deichkind – Illegale Fans


Ending with a nice dance MEP

Part 1 ~ Ruki
Anime: Panty & St0cking

Part 2 ~ Nina
Anime: Kiss x sis, K-0n

Part 3 ~ Nahoa
Anime: K-0n, Bl3ach

Part 4 ~ Kyomi
Anime: Bak3m0n0gatari

Part 5 ~ Mimi
Anime: Sail0r M00n

Part 6 ~ Yuu
Anime: Shug0 Chara, May0i N3k0 0v3rrun

Part 7 ~ Dancsa
Anime: H3talia

Part 8 ~ Riona
Anime: Uta N0 Princ3-sama

Part 9 ~ Mimi
Anime: T3ng3n T0ppa Gurr3n Lagann

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