Daily AMV Madness // Day 728 – 732

Today 5 Days worth of  AMV’s with something for everyone and a special Connichi bonus

Starting with the fist Hyouka AMV I have found telling the narrative of Oreki

  • Creator: cariuchiha
  • Anime: Hyouka
  • Music: Adelitas Way – Alive


Next is another first for me using Ano Natsu de Matteru in this special romance AMV with RNB / Dubstep

  • Creator: JadeCharm
  • Anime: Ano Natsu de Matteru
  • Music: Cody Simpson Feat. T-Pain – So Listen


Next a fun yaoi MEP with some more serious but cute stuff

  • Creators: xXcrazyZickeXx59, candyCatix3, RitsuchanProductions, zZMireiyuZz, MiuHaruno, CrazyMion, ancsagirl95, LuzlyCat, cutekobato, puffy9909, TheNekoChan13, KarenAmvs13
  • Anime: not listed
  • Music: We the Kings- Friday is forever

No Downloadlink found

Next AMV is from Connichi by Lapakaus who got 2nd place at viewers voting with the epic You & I by Helblinde


Ending with another AMV from the Connichi 2012 AMV Contest

  • Creator: Aniholix
  • Anime: Another
  • Music: Emma Hewitt – Rewind (Remix by TyDi)

No Downloadlink found

BONUS: Playlist with AMV’s from the Connichi 2012 AMV Contest uploaded by 




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