Daily AMV Madness // Day 757 – 766

I’m back after 10 days wasn’t feeling well but anyway here a 10 Days worth of AMV’s

Starting with a fun and hilarious Star Driver AMV full of suits

  • Creator: Noss
  • Anime: Star Driver
  • Music: Barney Stinson – Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit


Next take a horror Anime add the audio from a horror trailer and you get a interesting AMV

  • Creator: Kireblue
  • Anime: Another
  • Music: Final Destination 5 Trailer


This next AMV really shows how to use  Steins;Gate with this Celldweller track lots of tension and action

  • Creator: Azilorn
  • Anime: Steins;Gate
  • Music: Celldweller- The Sentinel


Next the final Episode of AMV Minis Season 2 has to be the best yet can’t wait for AMV Hell 6 next

Anime, Music and Creators: AMVHell.com


This next AMV takes still images from a variety of different Mangas to make this AMV

  • Creator: S.A. Robert
  • Images: too many to list
  • Music: Ed Harrison – Annul


Now for a MEP with a great list of AMV Makers and some stellar editing

  • part 01: Stratashi – Fate Zero
  • part 02: Aresshiachan 85 – Evangelion 2.2
  • part 03: OrgamaiiAMV – Kara no Kyokai
  • part 04: KaisersOrzer – Black Rock Shooter
  • part 05: [madaraxD] – Sword Art Online
  • part 06: xDieguitoAMV – Freezing
  • part 07: MagicDarkLight – Nuraihyon no mago
  • part 08: LucidAPs – Black Lagoon
  • Music: Blue Stahli – Glitterati, Overklock


Next a epic SAO MAD / AMV suggested to me by @socialanimeguy

  • Creator: not mentioned
  • Anime: Sword Art Online
  • Music: ONE OK ROCK – Answer is Near

No Downloadlink found

Next up a another MAD this time using Utawareumono

  • Creator: rusiris
  • Anime: Utawareumono
  • Music:  not mentioned

No Downloadlink found

And another MAD this the Konami Code Edition

  • Creator: もんじゅ
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: Masuda Yuka – Stargazer

No Downloadlink found

And lastly another MAD by もんじゅ (Can you see I was struggling with the last 3 xD)

  • Creator: もんじゅ
  • Anime: too many to list
  • Music: m.o.v.e – Gamble Rumble

No Downloadlink




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