This week 2 J-core AMV which have been show to me by @DjKnuXCore + 2 other random ones I found

First AMV is Minami-ke with a USAO track

  • Creator: Mr Fox
  • Anime: Minami-ke
  • Music: USAO – Duel Sisters

No Downloadlink found

Next AMV shows the scenes from Moetan used as samples from DJ Sharpnels – My Turn is your turn

  • Creator: Lolidan
  • Anime: Moetan
  • Music: DJ Sharpnel – My Turn is your Turn

No Downloadlink found

This is a megamix MEP of the Punk Goes Pop album series

  • Creators: see intro
  • Anime: see intro
  • Music: Punk Goes Pop Album

No Downloadlink found

Last AMV is EVA 1.11 & 2.22 with some Blue Stahli

  • Creator: JxIMx
  • Anime: Evangelion 1.11 & 2.22
  • Music: Blue Stahli – Corner




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