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Daily AMV Madness // Day 357 & 358

Today the new Chiikaboom AMV and a nice Macross Frontier AMV Advertisements

>Daily AMV Madness // Day 196

>Today’s AMV is a MEP featuring some top AMV Creators (Chiikaboom, Kain-x-Spirits,Cross/fade) be ready for a treat. Creators: Mamo, Niwa, Cross/fade, ZetZu, Chiikaboom, Kain-x-Spirits Anime: Angelic Layer, Baccano!, Brave Story, CANAAN, Kaleido Star, My HiME, Original 3D Animation Music: AAA – Blood on fire Enjoy Downloadlink

>Daily AMV Madness // Day 181

>Today another AMV made by Chiikaboom this time one of his older ones. Creator: ChiikaboomAnime: Soul EaterMusic: Venus Hum Do You Want To Fight Me? Enjoy Downloadlink

>Daily AMV Madness // Day 180

>Today’s AMV is chiikabooms take on Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Slow paced psycho trip. Creator: ChiikaboomAnime: Puella Magi Madoka MagicaMusic: “Sleep Now” Hugh Hall Enjoy No Downloadlink found

>Daily AMV Madness // Day 74

>Today’s AMV is a Chiikaboom AMV featuring Clannad and MAD I found Creator: ChiikaboomAnime: ClannadMusic: “I’m Not Him” Lovers & Liars Enjoy Enjoy some more