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>Daily AMV Madness- JCore Edition // Day 73

>Today is the last day of my JCore Edition so now a bunch of AMV’s that aren’t long/good enough for a single day xD Enjoy No Downloadlink links found Advertisements

>Daily AMV Madness- JCore Edition // Day 72

>Today’s AMV is a MEP featuring Japanese Hardcore with some great pacing the song really fits perfect. Creators: Histugo, Killy, Aken, KXSAnime: Black Rock Shooter OVA, Broken Blade Movie, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Seikon no QwaserMusic: t+pazolite – to Luv me I —- for u Enjoy Downloadlink (Megaupload)

>Daily AMV Madness- JCore Edition // Day 71

>Today’s AMV is more Trance then Hardcore but this time it has some amazing editing and animation. Creator: Kain-x-spirits Anime. Munto Music: Masayoshi Minoshima – Moonlives Enjoy Downloadlink

>Daily AMV Madness- JCore Edition // Day 70

>Today’s AMV is yesterday announced J-Core theme going for this week. Creator: filifeenix Anime: 5cm per Second Music: DJ Sharpnel – BF2014 Enjoy No Downloadlink found